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HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021 has been published by the authority of Hagi Mohammad Danesh University of Science and Technology. HSTU Admission Circular notice has been announced in _October 2020. According to the Admission Circular of HSTU in the 2020-2021 season only that students can apply who passed the HSC/Equivalent Exam in the 2019 and 2020 season.

So,  Students need to be prepared for their own goal in HSTU admission  Test earlier HSC/Equivalent Exam. If you are interested to admit to HSTU and wants to know all things about HSTU Admission stay with us into the last we hope you can get all your answer here.

HSTU admission Circular 2020-2021

HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021

This year also HSTU Admission Circular has been published and posted online on the HUST official website https://www.hstu.ac.bd/admissionEvery year November month HSTU authority publishes their admission circular on their website. Also, Students need to apply for HUST Admission in Online.

A huge number of students are attending the admission test HUST. Around 16 students are fighting in the admission test for 1 seat. The total seat in HUST is 2100 seats in all units. Let’s take a look at the official admission Circular of HSTU.

Important Information on HUST Admission Circular 2020-2021

Online Admission Circular Release Date 16th November (not Confirmed)
Online Form fill up Start
Online Form fill up Submission Finish
Last day for Admission form fill up pay
Eligibility list
Admission Test Held
Admission Test Selected list and Waiting list Published
Department Selection
Admission Result

HSTU Admission 2020-2021 Qualification

According to HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021 Qualification for Admission Test in HSTU is different from others. we will talk about that difference and got an equalization table for more discussion.

For Admission Test Eligibility to the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, students need a minimum qualification of how they can apply bases on the admission form. Let’s take a look at what is the minimum requirements for admission form to attend HSTU Admission Test 2020-2021.

SSC/Equivalent Requirements:

Topics  Qualifications
Passed Exam SSC/Equivalent Passed
Passed year SSC Passed 2017 or 2018
Minimum CGPA GPA of  3.00
Out of CGPA 5.00

HSC/Equivalent Requirements:

Topics  Qualifications
Passed Exam HSC/Equivalent
Passed year 2019 or 2020
Minimum CGPA 3.00
Out of CGPA 5.00

Meanwhile, we are trying to discuss all things about HSTU Admission Form fill up Requirements here step by step:

  • Applicants need to pass the SSC/Equivalent Exam in the 2017-2018 academic year and the Minimum CGPA requirements in the SSC/Equivalent Exam are 3.50 out of 5.00
  • Applicants need to pass the HSC/Equivalent Exam in the 2019-2020 academic year and the Minimum CGPA requirements in the HSC/Equivalent Exam are 3.50 out of 5.00
  • Also, the applicant needs to be a total CGPA in SSC and HSC is 7.00
  • For Diploma in Engineering students, applicants need to pass their course 2019-20 and they are only eligible for Unit B Engineering departments Application form to fill up.
  • Subjects wise GPA requirements for fill up the HSTU Admission Test Form:
Subjects GPA
Chemistry 5.00
Mathematics 5.00
Physics 5.00
Bangla 4.00
English 4.00
  • Interest Applicants must pass GCE “O” Level with ‘B’ grade in 5 papers and GCE “A” Level with ‘A’ grade in at least 2 subjects & ‘B’ grade in other subjects.
  • Applicants only who passed “A” Level in 2017 can apply.
  • HSC Students also need this chart


Important Information about HSTU

Before apply online for the HSTU admission test form fill up students need to know about HSTU Culture, Facilities, Departments, Seats, and also need to know how will the Admission Test comparison.

In HSTU, There are 5  Units divided into all Departments. Unit A for General and Unit B, C, C, D. here we list all Facilities for your kind information according to

Faculty of Agriculture:

  • Department of Agronomy(AGN)
  • Department of Horticulture (HRT)
  • Department of Soil Science (SSC)
  • Department of Entomology (ENT)
  • Department of Plant Pathology (PLP)
  • Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding (GPB)
  • Crop Physiology & Ecology (CPE)
  • Department of Agricultural Extension(AEX)
  • Department of Agricultural Chemistry (ACH)
  • Department of Agroforestry And Environment (AGF)
  • Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB)

Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering:

  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering(CSE)
  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE)

Faculty of Business Studies:

  • Department of Accounting (ACT)
  • Department of Management Studies (MGT)
  • Department of Marketing (MKT)
  • Department of Finance and Banking (FIB)

Faculty of Fisheries:

  • Department of Fisheries Biology & Genetics (FBG)
  • Department of Fisheries Management (FMG)
  • Department of Fisheries Technology (FTL)
  • Department of Aquaculture (AQC)

Faculty of Veterinary & Animal Science:

  • Department of Microbiology (MIC)
  • Department of Pathology and Parasitology (PPS)
  • Department of Dairy and Poultry Science (DPS)
  • Department of Anatomy and Histology (ANH)
  • Department of General Animal Science and Nutrition (ASN)
  • Department of Genetics and Animal breeding (GAB)
  • Department of Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics (MSO)
  • Department of Physiology &Pharmacology (PPH)

Faculty of Engineering:

  • Department of Agricultural & Industrial Engineering (AIE)
  • Department of Food Processing & Preservation (FPP)
  • Department of Food Engineering & Technology (FET)
  • Department of Food Science & Nutrition (FSN)
  • Department of Architecture (ARC)
  • Department of Civil Engineering (CE)
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Faculty of Science:

  • Department of Chemistry (CHE)
  • Department of Statistics (SAT)
  • Department of Mathematics (MAT)
  • Department of Physics (PHY)

Faculty of Social Science & Arts

    • Department of English (ENG)
    • Department of Economics (ECN)
    • Department of Sociology (SOC)
    • Department of Development Studies (DS)


Facilities of Engineering Total Subjects and Number of seat:


Unit Faculty Departments Seats
Unit ‘A’
  • Agricultural
  • Fisheries
  • Venetray and Animal Science
  • BSC AG (Honours)
  • BSC Fisheries
  • VVM



Unit ‘B’
  • Computer Science And Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Engineering(ARC)
  • Science
  • BSC In Computer Science and Engineering
  • BSC In Electrical and Communication Engineering
  • BSC In Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • BSC In Food and Process
  • BSC In Agricultural Engineering
  • BSC In Civil Engineering
  • BSC In Mechanical Engineering
  • BSC in Architecture
  • BSC In Chemistry
  • BSC In Physics
  • BSC In Mathematics
  • BSC In Statistics












Unit ‘C’
  • Business Studies
  • BBA in Accounting And Information
  • BBA in Finance
  • BBA In Managements
  • BBA In Marketing




Unit ‘D’ Social Science and Humanities
  • BSC In English
  • BSC in Social Science
  • BSC in Development Science
  • BSC in Economics




HSTU Admission Circular 2020-21 Download (Photo)
HSTU Admission Circular PDF Download


HSTU admission Circular 2020-2021

HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021

HSTU admission Circular 2020-2021


HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021


HSTU admission Circular 2020-2021

HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021


HSTU Admission Circular 2019-20 PDF Download (Last Year)

HSTU Admission Circular 2019-20 Download (Photo)

HSTU admission Circular 2020-2021

HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021

HSTU admission Circular 2020-2021


HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021

HSTU admission Circular 2020-2021

HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021


How to Apply for HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021

After successfully passed HSC Exam 2020 students need to apply only for their higher Education In Engineering and fill application Form fill up online for HSTU Admission Test. Many students didn’t get any chance of any Institute for using the wrong way and process and submission in the online application form. If you want to know all about the online application process we will talk about it step to step very clearly. Where you can get your needed information and process accurately.

  • Go to HSTU official website https://www.hstu.ac.bd/admission
  • Now select the Admission
  • Now fill the form.
  • Upload Photo and Photo Size (300X350) pixel, Maximum size is 75KB
  • Upload Signature and Signature Size: (300X80) pixel, Maximum size is 20KB
  • Now Submit it
  • After submitting students get a 6 digit admission number and a password that you need to pay for admission form fil uptime.

Payment Via for HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021

When students want to apply online for the admission form fill up for HSTU here they need some important information around him/her. Coz that Information will choose you when where you want to join for admission test and this also takes a tour for Admission test for HSTU. Simply I will share with you that information and then I will provide the main process online or SMS system.

In your Rocket(DBBL) Account, you need to get enough money for the application. IF you want to apply for the  You need here 1050tk to pay the form fill up. 1000tk is for the admission test fee and 50tk is for others. if any students are not eligible for the admission test HSTU authority will be back 850tk after the admission test result. now let’s check how to process the SMS system.

  • Call *322#
  • select 1 for the Bill pay
  • If you want to pay your application select myself otherwise select other.
  • Enter your Mobile Number
  • Now select 0 for HSTU
  • Write 373 BILLER number
  • Now enter Amount as 500tk
  • Now wite admission Number
  • That’s it, you are done.

KUET Admission Circular 2020-2021

If SMS is sent appropriately, you will get a return SMS with the application name number and some other information with a 6 digit pin number. Then you need to confirm that you want to pay for the HSTU Admission test form fill up. Next

  • Go to SMS Option
  • Type HSTU<space>YES<space>PIN code (with 6 digit PIN code)
  • Send it to 16222 number

Ex: HSTU YES 548647 send to 16222


You can also pay with Rupali bank Suresh. The payment process for sure cash is right below.

KUET Admission Circular 2020-2021
HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021


If the sender has enough balance on his/her mobile, the application fee will be deducted from the balance and will be notified by a confirmation SMS.

Online Application Form Fill up Fees HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021

There are two different groups for the applicant to fill and pay for form fill up. let’s check those. HSTU Admission Circular 2020-21 admission fee 500tk

Students can apply in one admission from at 1100tk or 900tk only this amount was given when you apply a teletalk sim by SMS. Then Students can collect their admit cards for the admission test of the HSTU Exam. Payment methods are Bkash (Brack Bank Ltd), Rocket (Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd), and Sure Cash (Rupali Bank Ltd).

Quota For HSTU Admission circular 2020-2021

Here are a big factor works called Quotas. Authority of HSTU has got some special treatment called quota you all know that but we barely say that not much idea you have got about it. Don’t be panic we also talk about these topics. we share with you a table you can ultimately understand how much quota gives to those students who deserve quota. There is one quota in two different departments.  Total 1 sit for quota students in every Departments.


HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021


HSTU Admission Admit Card

  • After payment applicant will get a transaction ID
  • If payment any problem applicant can mail with Transaction ID at admission@hstu.ac.bd
  • After successful payment, the applicant can download the admit card at HSTU official Website.

HSTU Admission Test Mark Distribution

Basically, HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021 has got its own way. we will provide you a total mark distribution of the HSTU Admission test. For every wrong answer, students get (-0.25). Here the mark Distribution.


HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021


You can Also See

HSTU Admission 2020-2020 date

HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021 date has a delay due to coronavirus. Almost Every year HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021 the date has started around 2 or 3 days after releasing HSC Result. This year HSC Result 2020 has been a delay due to coronavirus and that’s why the date of the HSTU Admission Test also has been a delay.

According to the Ministry of Education Board, HSC Exam can not be started due to coronavirus and that’s why HSC Candidate are not so happy because all students result of HSC Has been prepared according to past JSC Exam and SSC Exam Result. So we can say that the date  HSTU Admission Test Form fill up starts on— 2020. Wait until the confirmation.

You can find HSC Result 2021 here also. HSC Result 2021 All Education Board with Marksheet

HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021_Admission Process

  • HSTU make different talent list for Each Unit and Subunit
  • The official authority of HSTU selects student’s only basics of SSC/Equivalent and HSC/Equivalent Results of 30% and 70% of the Admission test. We discuss already the minimum requirement of Admit.
  • For the Merit, list applicant need to pass 40% in Admission Test
  • Now let’s Check the Result Based Number of SSC and HSC 30%
Exam Name 1st Timer Equation 2nd Timer Equation
SSC (Point)*2 (Point)*1.8
HSC (Point)*4 (Point)*3.6
  • After all, those things must publish the HSTU Admission Result

HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021

HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021 Questions

Some Common Question You might have about HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021. We will cover here those questions about  Polytechnic Admission Circular 2021.

  • When will the HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021 release?

The release date of HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021 is ___

  • HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021 Admission fee?

-850tk or 950tk HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021.

  • Minimum Requirements for HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021?

4.00 CGPA in both SSC and HSC Exam according to HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021.


HSC Result

In the past, any exam result was published on their school notice board. But time has changed and now we can check our results at home. We just need to know how to check the results in many ways. You need to know all the ways possible for checking HSC Result Coz when the results come out a huge number of traffic are going for only the official Website. If you know all the ways you can find your result, one of those ways.

Also for HSC Result 2020, we are trying to inform you of all possible ways to check results online or offline. As of now, there are three ways to check HSC Result. Web-based results and EIIN Number results are online processes. Another one is Through SMS with Teletalk sim. Let’s know details about Those ways of checking HSC Result 2020.


Conclusion: I hope this article will help you to get Information about HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021. We are trying to cover all the difficult things about HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021 that you may don’t understand early. If those topics or others have any questions/information or any suggestion about HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021 this you can connect with us. Comment below us we will connect you ourselves. Thanks for stay with us.

Thanks for staying with us. If this article helps you a bit please do subscribe to New Educational Article. we hope HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021 article maybe help you to know how when where you join for HSTU Admission Circular 2020-2021. Also, you can comment below for any further content.