Government Primary School Admission Circular 2022 – Class One Admission –

If you want your son or relative admit to the government primary school and looking for a government primary school admission circular 2022. Then I assure you that, you in right place. Here you can found all information about government primary school admission.

Government Primary School Admission (GSA) Circular 2022

We are trying to add and provides all important information about class one or government primary school admission with qualification, requirements, or criteria. We know that primary school admission going from the end of December to mid-January. The admission circular was not published right now, When it published we will update it.

Admission Starts
Admission Deadline
Admission Test
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Admission Result

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GSA Admission Qualifications and Requirements

In this part, we want to share detailed information about qualifications and requirements for class one admission to government primary school.


Class one students are needed to know

Age Must be above 6 year
Nationality Bangladeshi


If you want to admit your kid to a government school. You must need some documents. Here we added all required document information.

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Passport Size Photo
  3. Parents NID Card Copy

GSA Admission Apply Procedure

In this part, we are going to sharing the full procedure of class one admission in government school. Here we will see your whole process of fill the web application form.

  1. First, You can browse and submit the application form by browsing the website
  2. According to the instructions in the online application form, the candidate will fill in all his / her information. Candidates who apply for different quotas must specify the quotas otherwise it will not be possible to consider quotas.
  3. In the online application, the candidate scans his / her color image (Length 8X Width 3 pixel) in JPEG format. Upload to a designated location.
  4. The application form can be filled with pictures on the computer after completing the application form as per the instructions. Submit the application form correctly. Upon completion, the candidate will get a copy of the Applicant’s photo with a User ID.
  5. The candidate will save a print or download copy of the application form filled in online as an auxiliary to any examination.
  6. Since the information provided in the online application form will be used in all subsequent activities, the sending of the application. The candidate himself will be 100 percent sure of the accuracy of all the information already provided.
  7. Applicants across the country will get a list of thana-based educational institutions at the time of application selection. In this case, you can select a maximum of five schools in the order of choice on the basis of availability.

(N.B: One candidate can select 5 schools at a time.)

GSA Admission Payment

Candidates using Applicant’s copy of the User ID number in the following manner will submit the application fee from any Teletalk pre-paid mobile number by sending 2 (two) SMS. Application fee paid within a maximum of 48 (forty-eight) hours after the last date of application.

Fees Payment Procedure

  • First SMS: (SA <space> User ID (obtained from Web Application)) to send to 16222
    Example: GSA <space> ABCDEF to send to 16222

* A PIN number along with the student’s name will be found in the return SMS. Which is the second SMS to use.

  • Second SMS: Type GSA <space> Yes <space> PIN {received from first SMS) and send to 16222.
    Example: (CSA <space> Yes <space> 123456 should be sent to 16222)

Upon successful application and payment of the application fee, the admit card will need to be collected from the website using the User ID and Password received in the second SMS. The student must show this admit card at the time of participating in the written exam and for admission.

User ID and PIN recovery method

Only from Teletalk Pre-paid mobile phones, the candidates can retrieve their User ID and PIN by following the following SMS method.

  • If you don’t know user id: GSA<space>Help<space>User<space>User ID & send to 16222
    Example: GSA Help User ABCDEF & send to 16222
  • If you don’t know pin number: GSA<space>Help<space>PIN<space>PIN No & send to 16222
    Example: GSA Help PIN 1234567 & send to 16222

GSA Admission Test

Government school admission test date will be declared on govt school admission rest related website After the announcement, we upload it to our website. Then you can check your School admission test date for 2022 from here.

GSA Admission Result

Government school admission results will be declared on govt school admission rest related website After the result announcement, we upload it on our website. Then you can check your School admission result for 2022 from here.

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Conclusion: We hope this article will help you to get the information about Government Primary school Admission. We are trying to cover all the difficult things that you may don’t understand early. If those topics or others have any questions/information or any suggestion about this you can connect with us. Comment below us we will connect you ourselves. Thanks for stay with us.